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Feminism by chesney Feminism by chesney
This has been something that I've been wanting to do a while. It's a quick one-shot, but I wanted it to be in this squiggly style.

I hate, honestly, calling myself a feminist because it has such a negative connotation. Please, people. Know the difference between feminists and feminazis.

Feminists: want men and women to have the exact same rights and treatment by society.
Feminazis: want superiority over men in order to "make up for" past injustices against women.

That is all. Kthxbai.

I fight for equal rights on all counts: sex, race, religion, sexual preference, etc.

This has gotten a ridiculous amount of attention lately, and I find a lot of people are coming to it with 2 things to say:

:bulletpurple: "Feminism isn't needed any more. Women and men are already equal!" (Ironically, they often tend to go on about how women have now oppressed men. If we were truly equal, neither gender would feel oppressed. I call bullshit on this thusly.)

:bulletpurple: "The word is inappropriate for its meaning." Well, people, I agree. The word has a woman-leaning edge to it, doesn't it? But that doesn't change the concept behind the word, which is equality for both genders. Imagine not feeling like women are treated better or have more rights in certain areas than you men do! Feminism, true feminism, supports that! True feminism wants you to have the same rights we do, and vice versa. Equal treatment is equal treatment! Let's not get caught up because the word's root leans toward women.

I've said all I can say about it.

=Elinah has approached all the debate points already and has said pretty much everything I could/would say, but more succinctly (and albeit perhaps with a bit more fire :lol:) So, whatever you were going to say, please read her post.

*LiLBlueHorse516 brings up another point some of you have brought to the table. I advise you to visit this stamp and read the description and the comments about it as well, as some of the comments help explain why "humanism" and other neutral-rooted variants aren't as fitting terms.
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April 24, 2009
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